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West & Wales Utilities

Nature of Business

Wales & West Utilities is a regulated gas distribution business transporting gas to the gas meters of homes and businesses throughout Wales and the South West of England from the Northern Welsh border down to the coast of Cornwall.

What did they need?

Business Navigators has worked with Wales & West Utilities for a number of years supporting them in performance improvement and in the ongoing development of their organisational and people capability.

How did we help them and what benefits did it bring?

We have worked extensively with Wales & West Utilities and we have successfully undertaken a variety of performance improvement; project management; asset management; and learning and development programmes. A sample of the joint working we have undertaken includes the following:

  • Performance Management Framework (P.M.F.) – Working closely with over 350 people in their structure from their Executive Team & Senior Managers to their junior staff, developing a comprehensive performance management programme which has enabled WWU to make demonstrable and measurable improvements in business performance including bottom line profitability.
  • Leadership Management Development – Developing a leadership and management framework and toolkit uniquely designed to fit the needs of their specific business. Enabling their managers and leaders to achieve continuous improvement to continue to be one of the highest performing gas transporter businesses in the U.K.
  • People Development – Worked closely with, and developed the Asset Management & Business Services managers and team members to continually develop their leadership and management skills and competencies as individuals and in teams
  • Enabled their junior managers and designers to achieve their Open University accredited qualification in Gas Network Engineering Management (Design)
  • Performance Coaching – Developed a majority of their senior, middle and junior managers in advanced performance coaching techniques which they continue to use to motivate and unlock the potential in their people to improve performance.
  • Asset Management - Specialist work undertaking a review of a cross section of the WWU business assets and supporting investment appraisal, effective asset management, and life cycle modelling, and ensuring the business has sustainable assets which are critical to the long term success of a gas transportation business.
  • Project Management – We have supported WWU in successfully achieving a range of different projects bringing various business benefits.
  • Project Management Learning & Development – Developing and training individuals in focussed teams in project management ensuring they have the skills and competencies to deliver current and future projects to achieve business goals.