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Michael Dark Ltd

Nature of Business

Michael Dark Ltd is a wholesale florist providing flowers and sundries to retail florists and retailers throughout the South West of England.

What did they need?

Organisational & People Capability – We worked with their senior management team to undertake a comprehensive review of their Business Risk Management (BRM) system and to develop opportunities for their business.

How did we help them?

  • Identified strategic and operational risks and opportunities for their business
  • Developed prioritisation strategies to manage risks
  • Worked closely with them to prioritise and unlock their business opportunities
  • Provided tailored development to meet the specific needs of individual managers
  • Used our performance coaching methodologies for their professional development
  • Enabled them to have a sustainable risk management process

What benefits did it bring?

  • Specific personal and professional development for key people
  • Enabled key individuals to use this development to then deliver benefits for their business
  • Management of strategic and operational risk to enable an ongoing successful business to prosper and maintain success
  • Started to develop their people capability within their business