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Kerry Foods

Nature of Business

Kerry is a leader in the global foods industry. Developing manufacturing and delivering technology based ingredients, flavours and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry worldwide.

What did they need?

Organisational & People Capability (Risk Management) – We worked with one of their management teams to support the risk management process underpinning the successful rationalisation of another plant in the U.K. and the successful transfer of production to one of their manufacturing plants in Devon.

How did we help them?

  • Review of their rationalisation and transfer plans
  • Worked with their local management team to develop their risk management expertise
  • Identified and managed the key business risks providing assurance
  • Identified the likelihood and probability of the business risks occurring and the potential impact
  • Used quality risk management tools to prioritise such risks
  • Developed risk mitigation actions and strategies to control such risks

What benefits did it bring?

  • Personal and professional development in risk management for the local management team
  • Successful risk management in the transfer and delivery into the receiving plant
  • Provided a sustainable business risk management process in Devon