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Nature of Business

Fulcrum is an energy solutions company operating across the mainland UK.

What did they need?

People & Organisational Capability - We worked with over 120 of their junior managers and designers based in England and Scotland to develop their competence to meet the required Industry Standards.

How did we help them?

  • Completed profiling assessments of their current competencies and development gaps
  • Developed individual Professional Development Programmes
  • Provided structured learning and development programmes  Used our coaches to work with them and build their competence to the required standard
  • Enabled all of their junior managers and designers to achieve their Open University accredited qualification
  • Provided ongoing people capability to sustain their business

What benefits did it bring?

  • Provided a team of individuals with demonstrable standards of competence and qualifications
  • Supported the development of a motivated workforce
  • Enabled Fulcrum to demonstrate the competency of their people to their customers
  • Provided people and organisational capability