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Devon County Council

Nature of Business

Devon County Council provides a wide range and variety of services to the communities and businesses in Devon, including economy and enterprise; culture and heritage; environment and planning; learning and schools, people and community etc

What did they need?

Organisational & People Capability (Risk Management) – Devon County Council retains; stores; and archives many historic and valuable archives records and documents going back many centuries and established state of the art archiving facilities to protect these artefacts.

How did we help them?

  • Used our risk management expertise to identify organisational and people ‘inherent risks’ in their archiving Identified the likelihood and probability of such risks occurring and the impact and potential loss
  • Used quality risk management tools to prioritise such risks
  • Developed risk mitigation actions and strategies to control such risks

What benefits did it bring?

  • Successful risk management in establishing and developing the archiving facilities
  • Personal and professional development in risk management for key people
  • Enabled sustainable risk management for the historic and valuable archives
  • Devon Education Business Partnership