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Macquarie Bank Infrastructure Group - Australia

Nature of Business

The Macquarie Bank Infrastructure Group is one of the largest fund managers in the World, blending their quality asset management with their financial expertise.

What did they need?

Business Growth - Grow their business and specifically their asset management utility infrastructure investments in Europe.

How did we help them?

  • Business Navigators Ltd worked with Macquarie Bank Group using our specialist expertise in the utility sector to support them in planning, organising and acquiring new assets in the utility sector in Europe.
  • Understanding of their specific growth requirements and in which sectors
  • Reviewed growth opportunities in their target market(s)
  • Investigated the relative strengths and weaknesses of different alternatives
  • Used our expertise to determine the best ‘value adding’ opportunities available in the market place
  • Worked long hours with their experts in Sydney and London against exacting timescales
  • Combined our sector expertise to build a business case for specific acquisition(s)
  • Delivered all of this at a fraction of the cost of our larger competitor management consultants

What benefits did it bring?

  • Highlighted opportunities in specific acquisitions which would unlock future return on their investment
  • Successful >1Bn acquisition of a key utility infrastructure investment opportunity in the UK
  • Delivered their specific objective of long term growth in the right assets in Europe
  • Subsequently and for several years their specific acquisition has delivered their required return on investment
  • Long term sustainability of these assets will provide a sustained return, a real success story